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Elite centres of excellence are the natural progression from the nursery stages of the SEPT principle towards a progressive and more advanced stage of skills development.

On attaining the age of 13 or 14 years, children studying in classes 8 or 9 will be handpicked from among the 51 centres of SEPT., and placed in a fully residential Elite Centre comprising of 30 trainees each. It is intended to develop 5 regional centres, one each geographically located in the North, South, East, West and central areas of Kerala.

The central regional centre located at Calicut will be fully operational before the coming academic year commencing in June 2014. It will be located at Feroke College Higher Secondary School, Feroke. Calicut.

Negotiations are on for finalizing the second Elite centre at Thamarakulam, in Alleppy, and is estimated to become operational by the end of the calendar year 2014.

The three remaining centres are planned for Kannur, Trissur and Thirvananthapuram, and will become functional during the financial year 2014-15.

The structure of the Elite centre is as follows:

  • 30 prodigies (80% from the underprivileged communities) will be housed in hostels with 4 boys to a room.

  • The Focus of the centre will be on enhancing football skills along with advancing their formal education.

  • To enhance their football skills the children will be exposed to extensive competition through tournament participation both locally and internationally

  • In the course of monitoring their studies, additional tuition will be accorded if necessary

  • Apart from free education, each child will be provided with free school uniforms and other necessary items of clothing of high quality.

  • Each boy will be provided with exclusive sleeping cots and locker facilities.

  • Food will provided as per a nutritious and balanced sports diet programme.

  • Out of pocket expenses will be covered.

  • Medical insurance coverage along with periodic medical health camps will be provided along with the facility for a doctor-on-call.

  • Training material and playing kits of high quality and standards will be supplied.

  • An in-house warden will be stationed to ensure that all necessary facilities are provided.

  • Two full time coaching personnel will be stationed at each centre.

  • Common recreation facilities will be provided at the hostel.

  • The Children will be permitted a two day break once a month to visit their homes.