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Under the guidance of a team of experts, talented children below the age of nine are identified through careful scrutiny at selection trials held at various centers in the State.

About 2000 children, the best from over 20000 who attend the selection processes, are then placed in these 52 centres. With the understanding that young children will need parental guidance and encouragement based on the traditional Indian family value system, we make every effort to place those selected in centres concentrated around their place of residence.

Every three months, talented trainees undergo intensive training sessions under a professional coach. Some of the sessions are conducted by foreign coaches from Belgium, Holland, Malaysia and Germany.

These foreign coaches also conduct periodical refresher courses for our local resident trainers, and update them on current scientific training techniques prevalent in football academies around the world.

SEPT also organizes regular tournaments which include inter-center tournaments. These expose the trainees to competitive football and game situations.

The best of these trainees are selected to represent SEPT and participate in tournaments within India and Abroad.

In 2007, the SEPT team had participated in tournaments both in Sweden (Dalecarlia Cup, Storsjocupen) and Finland (Kokkola Cup). SEPT was the winner of the Dalecarlia Cup (U-11) and finished 5th in the prestigious Kokkola Cup in Finland which included 36 teams from various countries in Europe.

It is our pride that SEPT is the only youth team from India who has a standing invitation to participate in Europe.

The SEPT team had also played in Malayasia and participated in the Dubai Super Cup in 2012.