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Financial Support

Are you persuaded of our vision and mission and do you want to support this endeavor? Being a voluntary organization we depend on your financial support to implement our objectives.
Our initiative aim is to support children from rural and tribal areas, in difficult living conditions.
With your help these young promising talents will have new chances and perspectives.

Our Kids Need You

The SEPT Elite Center provides the best of our young trainees with all the facilities to achieve greatness in football, including hostel residence, a daily nutritional diet and the best training facilities, all FREE OF COST.
To achieve this, SEPT is dependent on Corporate Sponsorships and Donations from people like you, who can help a child's dreams come true. With over 30 aspiring players at our Elite Center, SEPT is providing you an opportunity to help change the lives of these young talents by helping us sustain this endeavour.
The cost for one child at the Elite Center every month is approximately ₹3000. This includes hostel, food and training equipment charges. Our aim is to get each and every child sponsored for the whole of the Academic Year which ends in March 2016.
To know more about these kids, their backgrounds and their achievements and also to find out how you can help them, please click here.

Support Kids

Make a General Contribution

Being a Non-Profit organisation, SEPT naturally depends largely on corporate sponsorships and public donations to sustain its activities every year.
With 52 centers currently training over 2000 aspiring young footballers, the SEPT system is a proven and successful one. But, the only hurdle that is hindering us from further expansion and greater success is Funding.
To know more about how you can contribute to our organisation, click below

General Contribution

Donation of Materials

The aim of our engagement is to support under privileged children in rural and tribal regions of our country. By donating different materials you can make an important contribution to our projects. We also appreciate materials supporting our coaching activities.

Opportunity for Corporates

Do your organization want to get socially engaged with? You can take part in our initiative as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility Project. Both partners can benefit from such a co-operation: We will highlight you as a socially engaged company. Be part of this motivated team with your company and employees.